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Turkish Towel Lava

Turkish Towel Lava

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  • Super Absorbant
  • Quick Drying
  • Lightweight
  • Handmade in Turkey
  • 100% Premium Organic Cotton

Our towels are made from 100% premium organic Turkish cotton, which has super long fibers resulting in smoother stronger threads. Our premium quality cotton Turkish Towels will only get softer and more absorbent with each machine washing. They are hand woven by artisans on vintage looms, then twisted and knotted by hand. Our Turkish Towels are dyed using all natural botanical dyes. 

If you haven't already heard all the rage about Turkish Towels (or Peshtemals) from beauty experts and lifestyle blogs by now, in short- they're fantastic! Turkish towels are lightweight, quick-drying, oversized and our beautiful color options make them gorgeous as well. Being lightweight makes them perfect for travel, toss them in your bag for the beach or pool, toss them into a suitcase to an exotic destination. Their quick-drying feature comes in handy when in a hurry and helps to keep the towels from ever smelling musty. Their larger than normal towel size helps not just for drying off but can be a fashion statement as well! Now that you've heard how great they are, heres just a FEW of the ways you can use them:

  • To cover lounge chairs at the pool or to cover sand at the beach.
  • Wrapped as a beach cover-up from the sun, or swim suit modesty skirt.
  • As a shoulder wrap or scarf on a chilly evening.
  • An impromptu table cloth for a picnic.

The Peshtemal or Turkish towel has been a staple in Turkish culture for centuries! The first public baths in Turkey appeared in the 14th century and peshtemals then became very popular for their variety of uses (as clothing in the baths) and superior drying capability. In the 17th century peshtemals became even more popular as the royal women wanted increasingly more beautiful patterns and colors. Today the production of our Turkish Towels remains mostly the same as it was centuries ago. Try them for your yourself, and find out what you've been missing!

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