Commission: Decadent Dining

Commission: Decadent Dining

This client wanted a dramatic element to this dining room which was anchored on one end with a oversized built in cabinet. On the wall with the cabinet we scaled the planting smaller opting for a papyrus grass.

faux grass permanent floral arrangement

Inside of a 31" tall ceramic tapered container we placed a 5' tall papyrus grass into the far corner of the container and then placed two 3' tall papyrus grasses on the sides closer to the room. This layered the effect of the blooms on the grasses and created more fullness. We finished off with a layer of polished black river stone to complete the arrangements.

papyrus faux grass permanent plants

On the opposite side of the room we elected to use a very tall dramatic traveller's palm arrangement to balance the height of the built in. These two plantings draw the focus upward to create a dramatic sense of scale and highlight the room's tall ceilings.

faux travelers palm tree permanent plants

Inside the same 31" ceramic tapered square planters we placed a 7' tall traveller's palm that would give the arrangement height. Then we underplanted the palms with several white phalaenopsis orchids. So from far away the arrangements are tall and dramatic then up close the arrangements have beautiful orchids at eye level. We finished these arrangements off with a layer of polished black river stone as well.

faux palm tree faux orchid permanent plants palm beach florida

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