Areca Palm Bush

Areca Palm Bush

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Cut tropical leaves have recently become a popular staple in floral arrangements. Many design magazines are featuring an arm full of cut leaves in a straight sided glass cylinder vase. 

Our faux areca palm leaves are an incredibly popular way to achieve this look.   Our faux tropical leaves have long skinny leaves along both sides of a single stem. The stems are gathered to form a small trunk. The entire bush can be placed into an arrangement, or the individual stems can be cut off and used individually.

  • 34" tall overall
  • 9 stems of varying lengths
  • Internal metal wire frame to hold its shape
  • Realistic leaves made from paper thin plastic (not fabric)

*Designer's Pro Tips:

  • Cut each stem from the cluster and use them individually
  • Bend the leaf tips slightly to create a slight arch almost as if the tip if drooping down
  • Use multiple bushes to add fullness and density