Fan Palm Small

Fan Palm Small

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Cut tropical leaves have recently become a popular staple in floral arrangements. Many design magazines are featuring an arm full of cut leaves in a straight sided glass cylinder vase. 

Our faux finger fan palm leaves are an incredibly popular way to achieve this look.   Our faux tropical leaves have long skinny leaves that form a fan shape where the leaves meet the stem. 

  • 28" long 
  • Brown "dead" ends add a realistic notion of imperfection
  • Internal metal wire frame to hold its shape

*Designer's Pro Tips:

  • If the stem is too long for your vase or arrangement, use a pair of wire cutters to trim the stem to your preferred height.
  • In an arrangement with lots of leaves, use a variety of sizes so the leaves look more realistic.
  • Bend the leaf slightly where the leaf meets the stem and then bend the tip of the leaf down to create a slight arch almost as if the tip if drooping down.